Bitsec: spam

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Starting november 2004, we've noticed our domain name beeing used for sending spam and/or viruses. There's unfortunately very little that can be done to prevent against this kind of abuse, and our only real option is to file a lawsuit against the offender(s). This is hard, but we're working on it to see what we can do.

If you'd like to help, please forward all the headers of the email you recieved to They will probably look something like this.

In order to see who really sent you this spam and/or virus message, you'll have to examine the Recieved headers of each individual email. In theory, you would easily see which IP network the message originated from, and use the tools available (like this from to find an address for abuse reports or technical contact in general.

Useful tools
- Tracking spam
- Tracking spam (less technical)

Please contact for more information.